Tuesday, 30 March 2010


First of all apologies for not updating this page I have been forced to spend my free time in other directions recently.

For the past hmmm it must be about 15 months I've played a restoration druid, and to be perfectly honest I adore it, druids are a fascinating to play in my opinion as you have so much room for customisation in your play style and your still viable.

About 3 to 4 weeks ago I bit the bullet and stopped raiding with Lunatics Convention at all. I wasn't enjoying it due to a certain member of the guild, who I can avoid entirely as a social member; my view on raiding is that if your really not happy just pick up and move on. I still leave all my alts there and I'm having great fun leveling my warrior alt with my good friends in the guild.

The fact is I play this game to raid, and that is really just about it. Most of the other things I do inside the game are ways to spend time with my friends, though I keenly anticipate rated bgs, as I got a healthy taste of large scale pvp in Warhammer Online. So I set of in search of a raiding guild; Pidigidy is on Argent Dawn a rp realm, and my main gripe with the realm is the quality of the pubbies and the activity on the realm (I run about 2/3 of the pugs I go on). My fascination of the time was PvP realms as they seemed so different so I sent of in search of a Raiding guild.

The conditions of my search was that I wanted a guild that had killed the LK on 25, and hadn't progressed to far into the hard modes of ICC. That coupled with the fact that I was looking for a raiding guild that could take me and possibly some of my friends turned up a remarkably small number of results, 2 in the end. So in the end I settled at Union guild. The reason it stuck out was the fact it seemed to have a general social life in it, and though they spent less time chatting on vent they really did have the activity.

So I wrote my application and was accepted on trial on my Warlock Gloraa, now know as Reezen. My first discovery was that their raid leader had commited suicide two weeks before I applied, but due to my naivity I headed straight on and embarked on my trial.

This was my first experience of a "serious" 25 man raiding guild on a pvp realm, and though they were harsher than Lunatics I was having a thrilling time. The true thing that I had not realised was what set aparts a top end raider from a good raider, is not how much dps they do, the marginal difference from lunatics to Union was very small, it really was the survivability cooldowns that everyone uses.

I had a phenomenal time raiding and got to see 10/12 hardmodes in icc 25, and got to raid on my lock at a high level which was thrilling; here comes the however, about three days ago I found out that four to sven of the top end of the guild were leaving. So I'm faced with an option do I:

- Stay and help the guild rebuild
- Go back to raiding on my druid on Argent Dawn with Illumination and keep an eye out for changes in Lunatics roster
- Go to another realm (outland is saturated with raiders now) and try again on Reezen (possibly Sylvanas)

This is my dilema and I'll have to think on it.