Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Cataclysm Release Day Fun

So on Monday the sixth at 11pm UK time I expect to begin the Cataclysm powergrind to 85; The plan as it stands is that we believe that we can get to 85 fastest by grinding instances from release till 85. I personally really like this because I will hit 85 with entry level blue gear if all goes well, and of course the main reason, no need to deal with lore! (I mean a shot at server firsts).

So where am I planning to go and how am I building my information pack on what to do and where to go? Well I was going to build a long and expansive guide on what instances to go to and what to do, but god there is a lot to do. So I thought I would put out a couple of useful pieces of information.

Tabards – Not a big deal you say, but as I understand I will have one of my rep grinds done if I wear a tabard through to 80, and as a warlock dps my options are fairly simple. I will hopefully picking up my Tabard of the Guardians of Hjal . This is picked up relatively quickly from Provisioner Whitecloud in Hyjal, after a couple of quests to obtain friendly reputation. There are probably two questions in your mind, firstly – why Hyjal specifically, and the main reason is that they sell Arcanum of Hyjal the caster dps head enchant. The second question is as to whether I will have time if we’re aiming on at a server first; to get to an instance we are reliant on three people making it there and summoning the last. So possibly I will have time after I’ve handed in the 25 quests in my questbook.

Some useful links for warlocks out there:

- Elitist Jerks Warlock Cataclysm Compendium

- Total Biscuits youtube channel where you can find tonnes of Cataclysm videos, including videos of all the instances (oh and did I mention he has a proper accent :p)

- Tankspot cataclysm dungeon videos – nicely commentated videos of Stonecore Dungeon and Throne of the Tides Dungeon.

MMO – Champion

Falling Leaves and wings

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