Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A brief introduction

Well I feel that the best place to start a blog is to talk a small bit about me. My main is Pidigidy a restoration druid on the Argent Dawn server. I'm currently in the Lunatics Convention guild, which is I suppose a casual if semi serious guild by most standards. We currently raid 3-4 nights a week on 25 man content, and I suppose that it makes most sense to say we're working towards the horde first anub'arak heroic kill, which shows how sleepy horde on argent dawn are.

I have been playing World of Warcraft for over a year now, starting with the release of Wotlk. I have been raiding 25 man for about 90% of my time at 80, largely due to my preference of healing a 25 man run as opposed to 10 man runs, not to say I do not like them, it is just my personal preference.

I currently have 2 significant alts at level 80 a Death Knight tank called Thobas, who is specced blood for now and as long I can keep it, and a level 80 Warlock called Gloraa who is specced destruction. I also take great pride in being able to play my druid as a boomkin (and over a very slow Christmas a bear).

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