Wednesday, 13 January 2010

My talents (natures grace)

I feel a decent second post is to talk about how I like to spec. As you may notice I have taken 0/3 in CF and 0/3 natures grace. The reason for this is that by breaking my 4xt9 bonus I can actually get to 851 haste (only 5 short of the soft cap), which is just soo dreamy its insane. At this haste my nourish takes 1 second to cast fully raid buffed and I am loving it, damn new gear coming in why can't I just keep this set. I feel the second choice of talenting out of may be remotely controversial but my reasoning goes as follows:

When we raid I am largely a raid healer, though I have been known to dable in tank healing every now and then. This means that I do use alot of rejuvs/wild growths, though I am not opposed to using nourish (i hate being a 5xrejuv 1xwg person as it just feels dull). This means that while I do use regrowth I rarely spam it, though this may have as much to do with high mana cost as my healing style. Now don't get me wrong I love regrowth I think it is the most underapreciated heal with most restoration druids that I have met in WOW, and I find that it is invaluable in combination with hastened rejuvenation.

Now with my nourish down to a one second cast I find that natures grace would actually hinder me, as I would be clipping the gcd reducing my ability to act like a paladin and spam. This means that as of 850 haste my natures grace talent is only benefiting one of my spells regrowth (I'm not going to get into a debate about whether a heal of under one second is worth it, suffice it to say that while i respected a glyphed healing touch build I never loved it) and as much as I love regrowth I felt that I would much rather pick up natural perfection in the restoration tree for that little bit of pvp I do.

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